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If you would like to write your thesis with us, please contact us. Below you find an overview of open topics in our research group. If there is no suitable topic available, you are welcome to send a short application with a short résumé, grades and a summary of your interests.


Type Topic Prototyping / programming
skills needed?
Master Gamification in Inbound Logistics – master thesis in cooperation with Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG​  Prototyping Benedikt Morschheuser
Master Trust in AI: A study to understand what we can learn from games when designing AI

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No Benedikt Morschheuser
Master Education and Research in the Metaverse

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Programming Benedikt Morschheuser

Finished theses and theses in progress


Type Topic Student Supervisor Submission
Master How to onboard the user? A study on designing fun on the first click

Game designers are experts when it comes to designing engaging activities that motivate from the very first second. This knowledge can also support and optimize the adoption of educational solutions. Within the serious game “INFLAMMANIA“, we would like to try out various onboarding approaches and develop design knowledge for creating more effective learning games. Inflammania is an educational game that combats inflammation in chronic diseases.

– Design and empirical evaluation of different “onboarding approaches” for the game Inflammania
– Statistical hypothesis testing
– Investigation of the impact of various design interventions on user behavior, knowledge transfer and learning experience
–  Derivation of theoretical and practical recommendations for designing the onboarding in gamification and serious game approaches

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L. Liu Benedikt Morschheuser
Bachelor Designing Experiments in Roblox

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D. Lam Benedikt Morschheuser
Bachelor Gaming meets Mobility: Gamification in proprietary innovation of the automotive industry

This bachelor thesis presents an overview on the use of gamification in proprietary innovation of the automotive industry based on a structured literature review in the database Espacenet of the European patent
office. As part of this review 83 relevant patents were screened and classified by using an own framework. The screening revealed novel insights and provide researchers anchor points for future research.

M. te Lake Benedikt Morschheuser 06.08.2021
Bachelor Creators of the Metaverse: Why people build virtual worlds in their spare time

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M. Bitz Benedikt Morschheuser
Master Revival of MUDs – Designing a text-based adventure game that helps children learn handwriting

In collaboration with the STABILO International GmbH, we would like to develop a text-based adventure for the STABILO DigiPen. Our aim is to transform learning and optimisation of handwriting into a gameful and engaging experience by using design principles of multi-user dungeons (MUDs).

– Development and empirical investigation of a text-based adventure for the STABILO DigiPen
– Statistical hypothesis testing
– Investigation of the impact of various design interventions on user behavior and gesture recognition
–  Derivation of theoretical and practical recommendations for designing gamification and serious game approaches to optimize handwriting


M. Weber Benedikt Morschheuser
Bachelor Creators of the Metaverse: Why people build virtual worlds in their spare time – a quantitative study

First inspirations:

F. Feldmeier Benedikt Morschheuser
Bachelor Gamified Cycling: A literature review and future agenda F. Gast Benedikt Morschheuser














We create impactful scientific knowledge about the ongoing penetration of society, technology, economy and everyday life with digital games and emerging phenomena of the gaming industry in order to better understand these developments and to support society and organizations in solving problems in a ‘gameful’ way




Research Fields and Interests:

Gaming meets Product & Service Design

  • Designing gamified information systems and hedonic information systems
  • Motivational design
  • Gamified products (z.B. wearables, smart cloths) and digital services
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Gamification-supported IT adoption & use (e.g. gamified robotics, conversational AI, autonomous systems …)
  • Gamification of future mobility and transportation, in-car gaming…

Gaming meets Marketing & Sales

  • „Digital customer engagement
  • „Customer steering in the omni-channel
  • „Loyalty programs
  • „Virtual goods and commerce in the Metaverse
  • „Customer insights, gamers/players as customers

Gaming meets Work & Collaboration

  • Gamification in technology-mediated work e.g. crowdsourcing, remote work
  • Gamification for creativity and ingenuity
  • Serious and educational games
  • Gamification in organizational transformation initiatives
  • Human-AI teaming and collaboration
  • Work and education in the “Metaverse”

Gaming meets Sports & Health

  • eSports
  • Gamification of fitness, sports & quantified-self
  • Virtual and augmented reality in sports
  • Location-based gaming
  • Gamification in corporate health
  • Wearables for gaming and sports