Assistant Professorship of Information Systems (Gamification) – endowed by adidas

Our research group focuses on the increasing penetration of technology, business, and everyday life with games, game design elements, and emerging phenomena from the (video) gaming industry, such as virtual & augmented realities, virtual goods, eSports, the ‘metaverse’ or serious games.

In particular, we investigate the design of gamified information systems and the effects of game design feature on human motivation, experiences, and behaviour (e.g., engagement, participation, collaboration, performance, learning, or technology use).

We apply our research in various domains (e.g., sales & marketing, mobility, education, collaboration, product design, innovation, creativity) and industries (e.g., consumer goods, automotive, banking, healthcare, education) and focus on finding solutions for urgent challenges of organizations and society.

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We are excited to announce that on Monday 19th of December 2022, at 6 pm CET, we'll be getting a glimpse into the future of gamified education and training on Metaverse platforms with book author and game designer Zander Brumbaugh. While the current generation of kids already spends large parts o...

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Human beings are social species that rely on cooperation to survive, further evolve, and overcome urgent challenges. From everyday interactions to the greatest human endeavors, our success mostly depends on the ability to work together. The rise of digital technologies has set in motion an epochal s...