Assistant Professorship of Information Systems (Gamification) – endowed by adidas

The research group “Gamification & Digital Customer Engagement” focuses the increasing penetration of technology, business and everyday life with games, game design elements and emerging phenomena from the (video) gaming industry, such as virtual & augmented realities, virtual goods, eSports, the ‘metaverse’ or serious games.

In particular, we investigate the design of gamified and motivational information systems and the effects of game design features on human motivation, experience and behaviour (e.g. engagement, participation, collaboration, performance, learning or use).

The research can be applied in various industries (e.g. consumer goods, automotive, banking, healthcare, education …) and domains (e.g. sales & marketing, mobility, education, collaboration, product design, innovation, creativity) and addresses current challenges of organizations and society.

Are you interested in a doctorate in the field of information systems? Together with our 13 IS chairs at the Institute of Information Systems (WIN), we organize a “PhD@WIN” event to arouse interest in a doctoral program and answer open questions regarding doing an internal or external doctorate. ...