Gameful Innovation Lab (GINI)

Welcome to the “GINI Lab” – the Gameful Innovation Lab, a unique place where students, external experts and researchers can come together to develop new innovations. Here, gameful and game-based solutions are created, which can then be evaluated in controlled experiments, analog, digital or virtual, with individuals or teams.

To this end, the lab is equipped with a variety of high-tech devices, including computers for developing 3D applications, sensors, IoT devices, AR and VR devices, and analog and digital games – everything needed to develop prototypes and conduct studies.


The following activities are the primary purpose of the laboratory:

  • Prototype development: Create digital, analog, or hybrid game and game-based prototypes as part of research projects and seminars.
  • Controlled experiments and studies: The lab enables controlled experiments and studies using both digital and analog prototypes. The spectrum ranges from metaverse to augmented reality and virtual reality applications.
  • Observation of group dynamics: We also focus on the observation of group dynamics in cooperative, team-oriented, and multiplayer games.