Lecture on Designing Gamified Systems started

CC photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/LTyDj7u_TU4

Last week I have kicked off my first course at the FAU entitled “Designing Gamified Systems”, which offers an in-depth introduction to gamification, motivational design and hedonic information systems (i.e. video games). In this lecture students can learn the psychological fundamentals, design principles, and application fields of gamified systems and experience how gamification is applied in practice by participating in a hands-on project.

A special highlight of this semester is that Alexander Satanowsky, Head of In-Car-Gaming at Mercedes-Benz AG, has agreed to accompany the lecture and give the students a practical challenge to solve. Further, Georgina Guillén-Hanson from the Gamification Group in Finland will give a guest lecture about her research on the gamification of sustainable consumption, which I am really looking forward to.

Although, I am a fresh member of the FAU, I was surprised and pleased about the great interest in the lecture and the large number of registrations. I am excited about the next sessions and curious to see which prototypes we will develop during the semester.

Thank you to Alexander Satanowsky and Georgina Guillén-Hanson for your inputs and support. Further, my gratitude goes to Lisa Nguyen for helping me to prepare this course.