Designing Gamified Systems in Summer Semester 2021

CC photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Dear students,

we are pleased to announce our newly designed elective master course “Designing Gamified Systems“, which starts in the upcoming summer semester of 2021.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction into the research on hedonic (i.e. games) and gamified information systems. You will learn key concepts and design patterns of motivational, hedonic (i.e. games and video games), social, and gamified information systems. We provide insights into advanced concepts and theoretical foundations of game design, motivational psychology, and information system design and introduce methods and frameworks for designing gamified systems and managing gamification projects. Further, we discuss latest research findings and the potential impact of gamification on society, economy and everyday life.

The course is complemented with a practical project. As part of this project you can design your own prototype of a gamified / hedonic information system. Since the number of participants is limited, the course requires a registration via StudOn. The registration period is between February 05 – April 14, 2021.